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5 Fantastic Perks of Working While on a Relaxing Vacation

March 26, 2021
5 Fantastic Perks of Working While on a Relaxing Vacation

Working remotely is a great arrangement because you get to do your job at the convenience of your home. It provides ease, little stress about transportation, and you don’t even have to leave the bed. However, the concept of combining a full-blown staycation and your work sounds like it may just trump the work-from-home setup.

Realistically, you don’t get to book and go to a resort every day. The experience of taking your work while going to one can make for a good story and a fun experience. Here are some proven benefits to bringing your day job to a resort.

Keeping Your Vacation Days

Let’s talk about practicality first. Maybe the reason you don’t want to go on vacation is that you can’t afford to take a day off. Every employee is entitled to a limited amount of vacation days.

Whether you’re saving them for a particular occasion or you’re all out of vacation days, it’s as simple as bringing your laptop while on your little getaway. You don’t have to get any days deducted, and you can still get your full pay.

Fewer Chores and Errands

When you’re working from home, you often have to juggle the regular chores you have to do in your household. You need to prepare dinner after a long day at your job and wash the dishes. You can sometimes exhaust yourself to the point of getting knocked asleep after.

But what if you just had to order room service? When you’re on vacation, you don’t have to worry much about heading out for groceries or washing the dishes. You get a lot more freedom and flexibility when freed from your usual responsibilities in your house.

Working in Utter Comfort

Waking up to the view of white sands and a blue ocean feels a lot more stress-free than facing your nightlight the moment you open your eyes. Most staycations entail the most comfortable beds and softest pillows, which is just a joy to work on.

Working in a hammock by the hotel pool or the terrace until the sun sets can be great too. You can always look up from your computer screen and feel instantly refreshed by the new sight.

Not Letting Any Second Go to Waste

By working on a vacation, you could be surprised by how much productivity and experiences you’re engaging in every hour. It can feel like you have more time in the world when you set plans for when you work. Some people can squeeze in a task between a dip in the pool and have some wine while enjoying the nightlife.

Supporting Tourism

Aside from allowing yourself to take a breather, you’re also supporting tourism spots and destinations. Many local businesses were heavily affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, so booking a room can be a minor form of help. Just be sure to take up the proper precautions and check whether the place you’re eyeing to go is following traveling guidelines.


There are tons of unique destinations you can relax at and bring your work to. It may seem a little unorthodox, but it can be a good change of scenery from your home. You can finally have a proper bed and breakfast experience again!

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