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6 Must-Try Restaurants on Koh Samui

February 1, 2023
Banana Fan Sea Resort

6 Must-Try Restaurants on Koh Samui

Another anticipated destination for travelers who want to sample excellent food in a location near the seashore is Samui Restaurant. There are over 184 eateries on Koh Samui, both inside and outside the hotel. As a result, there is a wide range of eateries to choose from. But for those unsure about which restaurant to go to, because this is the first time they have been there, we propose Baitong Restaurant Samui, located in the Banana Fan Sea Resort Hotel. Different caters to both hotel and non-hotel guests. It’s a good option for those wishing to visit Koh Samui.

All travelers have access to a variety of Samui eateries.

Koh Samui is a popular tourist location for visitors. Because of this, Samui’s restaurants must be varied to serve as many tourists as possible, whether they are Thai tourists or tourists from other countries. It’s not simply Thai food or seafood for sale here. As a result, Koh Samui can be considered a wellspring of world cuisine that has everything. Most restaurants will provide a wide range of foods to sample. When traveling, there is no need to worry about meals or carrying significant weight.

And if everyone wants to access a restaurant with a range of menus, including Thai, seafood, Asian, and European, the only restaurant with all types of food to reach must be Baitong Restaurant, Baitong Restaurant, and Samui. Prices range from 89 to 900 baht, making them quite affordable. If everyone has tried the many menu items, they will always want to return to travel and enjoy the food from this restaurant. This restaurant is ranked 17th out of 184 on Koh Samui. If somebody comes to Chaweng, tell them to take advantage of it.

6 Koh Samui restaurants you should not miss

If you can travel, you should attend the famous Samui restaurant. Because missing it may make you feel out of touch with the times. There are numerous shops clustered together. But this time, we recommend the following six excellent restaurants.

✅ 1. Sa-Biang Lae
Southern-style restaurant in Maret, Koh Samui, that provides the ambiance of dining close to the sea and allows you to enjoy the sunset. When I see menus with a touch of southern food, I can state in one word that I am delighted.

✅ 2. Ta Kho Bang Po Seafood Restaurant
A seafood restaurant where everyone may have a taste of southern seafood. There’s also a jungle curry to taste the heat. It is another restaurant that serves food that is second to none. The restaurant has an unrivaled view. Thawirat Phakdi Road is where you’ll find the shop. I recommend this restaurant to anyone traveling to the beach who wants to eat different seafood.

✅ 3. Lae Lay
The restaurant is located on the beach road, which is quite popular with tourists. The restaurant was made to look like it was in a remote area near the ocean, so it has both private and public dining areas. You can enjoy the atmosphere by walking down to the beach or swinging while you wait for your food. It is another restaurant that is well-known for both its atmosphere and its delicious food.
✅ 4. Baitong Restuarant
Baitong Restaurant is another popular option. Baitong Restaurant Samui provides excellent service and often earns positive feedback. There are many different sorts of food to select from at the Banana Fan Sea Resort Hotel. Most consistently receive positive feedback on meal quality, service, and atmosphere. As a result, it is another must-visit restaurant in Koh Samui.

✅ 5. Krua Chao Baan
for visitors who want to sample the local food. This restaurant gives off a local vibe in both the ambiance and the taste of the meal. Lamai Beach is the location. The taste of the food may make you feel as if you are eating at the home of a true southerner.
✅ 6. Samui Pier 
Thaweerat Road restaurant with a panoramic view of Chaweng Beach. It is a seafood restaurant that serves Thai-style seafood meals. The spiciness that Thai people prefer is maintained, and a variety of Thai menus make Westerners addicted to the food flavor from this restaurant—anyone who wants to try seafood on a spicy-to-the-bone or Thai-style menu. Let us suggest this store.

On Koh Samui, there are still plenty of eateries to try. If the six eateries we’ve introduced fit some’s demands, plenty of other shops on the island will.

Koh Samui’s food styles can be found in a variety of restaurants.
Although Samui restaurants strive to create a diverse cuisine to meet the demands of tourists from various nations that regularly visit. As a result, we discovered that most restaurants on the island offer a wide range of culinary menus that reflect Thai, Asian, and European cuisine. The majority will remain Thai and adapt to different menus, particularly at restaurants with the most variety, such as Baitong Restaurant, Baitong Restaurant, and Samui.

Prices of food in restaurants on Koh Samui
Of course, the food prices in Samui restaurants may be higher than usual. This may vary from store to store. However, the reason why different restaurants’ meal prices differ may be greater than other sources.

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