Baitong Restaurant, The best taste flavors of Koh Samui - Banana Fan Sea Resort

Baitong Restaurant, The best taste flavors of Koh Samui

June 9, 2022
Banana Fan Sea Resort

Baitong Restaurant, The best taste flavors of Koh Samui



Koh Samui, Place of your love

           Talking of beautiful seas in Thailand, the name Koh Samui must be mentioned first. from tourists, of course, Many people visit Koh Samui more than once. because they are enamored with the beauty of this sea and traveling to Koh Samui is very easy to travel. Make Koh Samui a tourist destination that has been recommended by many people to visit once.

          The first thing that attracts tourists is the beautiful seaside views on every beach. Fine white sand parallel to coconut palms and each beach has its uniqueness and strengths. The diversity of nature is another highlight found in Koh Samui. In addition to the beautiful sea that allows you to relax, You can also visit waterfalls or go hiking.


Koh Samui has more than that!

          In addition to natural diversity such as seas, mountains, and waterfalls, or civilizational diversity such as pagodas or temples, Koh Samui is also famous for its delicious food. Must try once


Taste the deliciousness of  “Koh Samui”

          As you know, Koh Samui is in the south. Delicious local food and the top names have to be Southern food that is unique to the south. There is a spicy aroma of curry paste. Or local herbs that can’t be found anywhere else, but today at Banana Fan Sea Resort, we offer a new alternative. Delicious, discover deliciousness that is more than the way we recommend you to come and try Baitong Restaurant when you have a chance to visit Koh Samui.


Baitong Restaurant, deliciousness waiting for you to experience.

          If anyone can’t come to the shop, can pin it to Banana Fan Sea Resort because we are family. that are ready to serve only good things to all guests a wide variety of rooms delicious food from a famous Chief, as well as having a Bar for you to indulge in, like Kevin’s Bar as well.


The deliciousness is ready to be served.

          Don’t talk too much to waste time Today we have selected 5 great menus. When you come to Baitong Restaurant, you must order to taste the deliciousness. What menus do you have? Let’s see.


Yellow Fin Tuna

          Let it be another great menu. Anyone who likes tuna, I can assure you that you will definitely like this menu. Delicious and full of nutrients Add deliciousness with a salad consisting of sweet and juicy mangoes. Plus the mellowness of avocado is perfect. Healthy people can eat this menu. Very healthy.


Filet Mignon

          A fine steak, specially selected for that is the tenderloin, which is tender and tender, with a better texture than other parts used for cooking, less fat, and served in bite-sized portions to keep you full and satisfied every time you order this dish. Meat lovers, don’t miss it!


Tao Tei Hot Pot

          The menu is hard to find. If you come here, there is this menu. Must order immediately, don’t miss it! It was told by word of mouth to everyone who came to eat. Smooth white fish catch day by day Served with soup for you to drink well. Plus, there are 2 types of dipping sauces, including the most delicious seafood dipping sauce. and Baitong Restaurant’s signature soybean dipping sauce.


Rack of Lamb

          Let you experience the aroma, tenderness, and ultimate satisfaction with the juicy lamb ribs menu. The aromas of rosemary, garlic, and spices make this dish stand out even more. Cooked moderately with the expertise of Chief from the restaurant, paired with a delicious wine. Suitable for ordering when coming with a couple. or creating a romantic honeymoon night supplemented with this menu I guarantee that it will be a good night for you for sure.


Authentic Thai fresh noodles with southern crabmeat curry served with mixed local vegetables

          It may look like a normal menu. But I want you to try to eat at the restaurant first. Then you will know the difference Guarantee that it’s delicious to your heart. with spicy curry paste recipe with firm crab meat Combined with the aroma of thick coconut milk, it can be said that Khanom Jeen Paste and Southern Curry Paste are the perfect matches. Eat with Khanom Jeen noodles. It’s delicious. Great dish. Nua flavor. Big crab. What’s better than this? The more satisfying x 2 with a soft-boiled egg. Fulfill life as a foodie.


Or try a special set of deliciousness, it’s worth it.

          Now, Baitong Restaurant’s collaboration with Hungry Hub has a Party Pack promotion. The deliciousness is ready to be served for everyone to choose from. Suitable for a friend’s gang or very family Elevate your meal to something special with this premium promotion.


> Package 1,550 Baht

  • Suitable for 2 people
  • It contains a menu of 4 dishes to choose from according to your needs and 1 drink per person

> Package 1,990 Baht

  • Suitable for 3 people
  • It contains a menu of 6 dishes to choose from according to your needs and 1 drink per person

> Package 2,190 Baht 

  • Suitable for 4 people
  • It contains a menu of 8 dishes to choose from according to your needs and 1 drink per person


          It can be delicious in any way you want. In the set, there are great menus that we recommend as well. Come to visit Koh Samui with friends, you must invite each other to taste the deliciousness at Baitong Restaurant.


          Read it here Don’t waste your time touching just by reading. The deliciousness is still waiting for you to experience. You have to come to Koh Samui to prove it for yourself. Pack your bags and let’s go sightseeing.


          Banana Fan Sea Resort is another option for you to enjoy and relax every day when you come to Koh Samui with a special package price and many activities.


“Looking for a place of happiness, looking for Banana Fan Sea Resort”


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