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Banana Fan Sea Storytelling

September 22, 2022
Banana Fan Sea Resort

Banana Fan Sea Resort

Before became to be an impressive hotel with the concept of “serving happiness to the world by Samui’s smile” there is interesting storytelling of Banana Fan Sea Resort which is presented with our pleasure. We hope every visitor enjoys and has a wonderful moment with our plentiful island hotel story.

Banana Fan Sea Resort’s Story 

Khun Noo-iang Poonsawat, the founder and chairman of Banana Fan Sea Resort, took pride in the beauty and abundance of Samui’s natural resources as her hometown. In the beginning, the hotel was named “Banana Fan Sea Hut”, the unusual name that comes with the amusing story.

Back in 2001, the year when khun Noo-iang decided to start her hotel business, however, she still didn’t have the name for the hotel yet.  Therefore, the co-founder and she decided to each pick up the word they like, which is related to the sea, in order to combine them together. Then came along, Banana Fan Sea Hut, the name of the hotel.  

“Banana Fan” comes from the word “Kluay Pad” in Thai or Traveler’s Palm in English. It was the most famous tropical plant at that time and it also represented the good meaning of beauty and strength. 

“Sea” was chosen because of the hotel location, which is located right by the sea. 

The word “Hut” was added due to the original style of the guestrooms, where they are built as bungalows. Just a few months, the hotel’s name was updated to “Banana Fan Sea Resort”, to modernize its name to be more relevant to everyone.

Home, Fun, Family, Friendly; definition of Banana Fan Sea Resort

Delivering the best customer experience like visiting their family in Koh Samui. People always be happy when they visit their relatives. Imagine the time to have activities, dining, fun, laughing, and enjoying together.  Our hotel tries our best to serve our customers with uniqueness and concern for guests as a relative.  Give the most impression to make them feel at home and that they can be back at any time.

Not just taking good care of our customers as our family but every department of hotel employees are also taken care of as family. 


Kevin’s Bar 

Besides the hotel story, the beach bar is also interesting and pleases all of the customers to join us. Kevin’s Bar, a beach bar bordering Chaweng beach, welcomes every visitor every day at 11 am.- 10pm. Enjoy drinking and having a good meal with relaxing moments. Get the best relaxation with your love at Kevin’s Bar.

There would be somebody wondering how the name of Kevin’s bar came, today we will also present the storytelling of the name and the reasons why we should not miss it!

Kevin’s Bar, the name comes from our regular Australian guest’s name, Mr. Kevin De Haan. He is one of our most loyal customers, who always drink at our bar every day, from the morning til the evening,  when he visits us in Samui.  One evening, during the time when our hotel was building the new beach bar and was searching for the perfect  name, Mr. Kevin said to us “You know, Kevin is actually a great name, why don’t you use my name for the bar  then?”  That was it, the moment when we found the most fitting name for our beach bar.

Have an unforgettable moment of your rest, take a deep breath, and sleep better with the most comfortable one at Banana Fan Sea Resort. Let’s make your journey more and more gorgeous! 

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