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Destination Wedding What You Should Know Before Saying I Do

May 7, 2021
Banana Fan Sea Resort

Getting married by the beach is truly an intimate experience and a dream of many. Engaged couples often flock to Koh Samui, in particular, since its powdery beaches, palm-lined coastlines, and verdant landscapes make it the perfect oasis to take your love to the next level.

But before you say I do, it’s important to remember that overseas weddings can be complicated in more ways than one. After all, you’ll be jetting off your romance to a new country, so what can you do to ensure everything turns out as close to your plans as possible?

Destination Wedding Planning Tips You Should Know

Tip #1: Choose Your Location

This is perhaps one of the more exciting parts of planning an overseas wedding since it involves exploring all the hot spots in Thailand. If you and your partner decided on Koh Samui, it’s time to narrow down your options — be it beachfront resorts like Banana Fan Sea Resort or an exclusive celebration in one of the quieter parts of the island.

Location is everything since it serves as the foundation for your budget, guest list, honeymoon plans, and more.

Tip #2: Go Local to Cut Expenses

Flying out of the country to get married can quickly burn holes in your pockets if you don’t stick to a budget, but you can shave off thousands of dollars by hiring local vendors. Choosing exotic blooms from the island or serving local specialties for your reception can be cost-effective, not to create a more authentic, tropical-esque experience.

Tip #3: Set a Budget for Guest Lodgings

Going with local wedding vendors means you have more room in your budget to invite friends and family for the ride. It’s not necessary to pay for your guest’s accommodations, though it’s a wonderful gesture for your closest loved ones.

Fortunately, Koh Samui doesn’t come short in boutique resorts that offer different price points, so you can explore options that allow you to bring more guests with you without breaking the bank.

Tip #4: Hire a Professional Destination Wedding Planner

Every bride and groom needs a wedding planner to ease the stress of preparing for the big day, but it’s even better to work with someone experienced in destination weddings. They can help lay out all the possible challenges you’ll face, plus you won’t have to worry about losing your message in translation as you direct decisions from miles away.

The Bottom Line: Planning and Budgeting Are Key to a Successful Overseas Wedding

For beach lovers and adventurous couples, nothing seems better than tying the knot on an exotic island. Destination weddings have always been a dream of many and Koh Samui is one of the go-to choices that can help turn it all into reality.

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