Enjoy Authentic Thai Cuisine at Baitong Restaurant, Banana Fan Sea Resort Koh Samui - Banana Fan Sea Resort

Enjoy Authentic Thai Cuisine at Baitong Restaurant, Banana Fan Sea Resort Koh Samui

October 29, 2023
Banana Fan Sea Resort


Baitong restaurant nestled along the serene shores of Koh Samui, the Banana Fan Sea Resort stands as a tranquil oasis in the heart of this tropical paradise. This charming beachfront haven offers guests a serene escape with stunning ocean views and gardens. While the resort is a magnificent destination for vacationers, Baitong restaurant has emerged as the good attraction for food enthusiasts.


The name ‘Baitong’ holds meaning, and it intertwines with the very essence of the resort. ‘Baitong’ translates to ‘banana leaf,’ an integral part of the Banana Fan Tree. This connection, compared to nature and the surrounding environment, will take you through the authentic Thai dining experience.


Baitong Restaurant’s location is a testament to its uniqueness. Located right on the beachfront, diners are treated to an unforgettable dining experience with the sound of the waves lapping at the shore as their backdrop. The view of the turquoise waters and the warm tropical breeze make every meal at this restaurant a delightful experience. This is the restaurant with the best atmosphere in Koh Samui.


One of the most distinctive features of Baitong Restaurant is its extensive menu. Whether you’re an early riser looking for a hearty breakfast or seeking a romantic dinner under the stars, Baitong Restaurant offers a diverse range of dining options.The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner with an à la carte menu that celebrates Thai cuisine, international dishes, and traditional Southern Thai food. The restaurant opens its doors early, starting breakfast at 7:30 AM and serving delectable dishes until midnight. So you can enjoy a leisurely meal in the breathtaking sunset or savour a midnight snack under the moonlit sky.


Baitong Restaurant’s is with variety of food menu, but there are a some signature dishes that have captured the hearts and palates of its guests. The ‘White Pomfret Hot Pot’ is a culinary signature, a delicious combination of a slice of tender white Pomfret fish served in a flavorful hot pot broth infused with aromatic Thai herbs and dip with Thai seafood sauce. 


The ‘Thai Set Menu’ is another favourite, offering a curated selection of classic Thai dishes that showcase the rich flavours of this culinary Tradition. One unique feature of Baitong The restaurant is the ‘Sea to Table’ concept. They proudly support local fishermen Soby purchasing fresh seafood directly from them. That ensures you’re getting the freshest catch of the day and also contributes to the sustainability of the local fishing community. The open kitchen allows you to customize your seafood dishes to your liking, whether it’s grilled, BBQ’s steamed, stir-fried, deep-fried, or served as a spicy salad. The talented chefs at Baitong Restaurant can make it happen.



While the menu is incredibly diverse, one dish is a local favourite: ‘Khanomjeen Namya Phu.’ This traditional Thai dish is a culinary delight, featuring rice noodles served well with a local vegetable and flavorful crab curry sauce. It’s a harmonious blend of sweet, savoury, and spicy flavours that epitomize the essence of Thai cuisine.


In conclusion, Baitong The restaurant at the Banana Fan Sea Resort on Koh Samui is not just a dining establishment but an experience that immerses you in the rich culinary traditions and natural beauty of Thailand. With its beachfront setting, extensive menu, signature dishes, and a commitment to supporting local fishermen, this restaurant offers an authentic taste of Thailand in a stunning tropical setting. So Baitong Restaurant is the best restaurant in Koh samui.