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Enjoy Koh Samui and make a merit

May 11, 2022
Banana Fan Sea Resort

Enjoy Koh Samui and make a merit


“Koh Samui” that you know

          Famous for the beautiful sea Many people must think of Koh Samui first, of course, because it stands out in terms of natural attractions with places that are large islands with beautiful beaches and white sand in many places such as Lamai Beach, Chaweng Beach or Natien Beach, etc.


          with beautiful scenery, the white sand beach stretches parallel to the sea. surrounded by coconut trees It also has another distinctive identity, Grandfather and Grandmother’s Rock, which attracts quite a lot of tourists, both Thai, and foreigners, to visit Koh Samui. A trip to the sea that should not be missed, must go once


“Heaven in the Gulf of Thailand” is more than a beautiful sea

          Some people’s memories of Koh Samui have only the beautiful sea. It is a very wrong idea ever since Koh Samui is an island with mountains. and lowland areas resulting in diversity Both from nature such as mountains, and waterfalls, and from the construction for the inhabitants of the islands are pagodas and temples.

          The reason “Heaven in the middle of the Gulf of Thailand” is more than a beautiful sea is an exaggeration. Can travel to Koh Samui in a variety of genres. travel with your boyfriend or can organize all your friends’ trips as needed It is worth proving the beauty of Koh Samui by yourself.


2022, the year of Mutelu, worship to enhance the prosperity of life

          It has been a trend for a long time in Thailand with worshiping and praying for sacred things. Also known as “Mutelu” among teenagers. Of course, Koh Samui has its own distinctive and famous sanctuary as well. Considered an important landmark in some places, visitors to Koh Samui must always include these places in their travel itinerary.


          Today, Banana Fan Sea Resort has gathered for you to know that Koh Samui is at the temples. or which sacred places should not be missed suitable for worshiping or so beautiful that you have to take a photo to confirm that you have arrived Where will it be? Let’s see.


Big Buddha Temple, Fan Island

          Outstanding with a large Buddha image in the subduing Mara posture with a lap width of 5 wa 9 and a height over 6 wa, located on Fan Island. in the north of Koh Samui can be seen from a distance ever Beautiful, dignified and outstanding, suitable for visiting Buddha images once


Wat Plai Laem (Wat Laem Suwannaram)


         Very popular among foreign tourists in recent years. Less than a kilometer from the Big Buddha Temple, the temple houses a 20-meter-tall, white-handed Guan Yin Buddha statue in the center of the lake within the temple. And there is also a large Sangkajjai Buddha image to pay respects and pray for good fortune.


          There are also many temples and attractions for you to worship. Praying for blessings for good luck if you want to travel-ready to make merit Mutelu lives a good life You must not miss Koh Samui


          And of course, if coming to Koh Samui, another must-have item is accommodation for relaxing on your trip. Banana Fan Sea Resort has rooms for you to choose from according to your style or needs. With a location that is convenient to travel around the island as well.


“Looking for a place of happiness, looking for Banana Fan Sea Resort”


Now, We have a Test & Go Package that We try to make things as simple as possible for you to enter Thailand via Koh Samui

☀️ WHAT YOU GET  ☀️ 

✅ Accommodation includes breakfast or with Half-Board Package (Lunch or Dinner)
✅ One -Way airport picks up transfer from Samui International Airport to the hotel (Maximum 2 persons)
✅ Minimum stay of 5 consecutive nights will get a 5% discount.
✅ 15% discounts for Food or Beverage (Non-Alcohol)
✅ Early Check-in & Late Check-out is subject to space availability.
✅ High – Speed Internet access (Wi-Fi) in room

Booking Period: 01 – 31 Mar 2022
Stay Period: 01 Mar – 30 Jun 2022

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