Express your love to your mother with the most impressive atmosphere at Banana Fan Sea Resort. - Banana Fan Sea Resort

Express your love to your mother with the most impressive atmosphere at Banana Fan Sea Resort.

August 18, 2022
Banana Fan Sea Resort

Express your love to your mother with the most impressive atmosphere at Banana Fan Sea Resort.


Mother is the one who drives the path in life.

        At some point in life Many stories of the past life, there will be a mother in a period of various events. including waking up to eat breakfast made by our mother Crossing the transition period of life or even growing up and having a single family But still, there must be a time when we go home to eat food cooked by mom. or living together during the holidays. Many people may not have time to find out. But during August or Mother’s Day, It’s a time when everyone finds some free time so they can spend time together.


Mother’s month with a special place

          Most of the people, many people, maybe your mother have dinner in a luxury shopping mall. or having a meal together at home Would it be better if this year More than every year, we taken our mothers to spend their holidays with special attractions, such as taking them to Koh Samui to relax. Let nature heal you from exhausting work. Allowing mothers to retire from household chores. Make the most of your vacation and enjoy the beautiful scenery.


More than accommodation, it is a place to create happiness for mothers at Banana Fan Sea Resort.

          If you come to Koh Samui Have plans to fully travel to Koh Samui The first thing to look for is accommodation for this trip to Samui. and must be able to be more than a normal resting place

          Banana Fan Sea Resort would like to stay on Samui. Recommended for you and your mom on this trip. So you can enjoy the special atmosphere on the beach. Enjoy delicious meals and activities that you can do with your mom and family.


What is there to do at Banana Fan Sea Resort?

          Of course, we have very special accommodations for you to choose from according to your needs. Banana Fan Sea Resort also has a variety of activities for you and your mother to do. Let’s see. 


Dine on unique flavors at Baitong Restaurant

          Baitong Restaurant, located in Banana Fan Sea Resort, offers special dishes from experienced Chefs who are ready to choose delicious dishes for you to taste the unique flavors of Baitong Restaurant.



          Marine activities that can be played by everyone, and when paddling to the right angle, you can also take cute photos with your mother to show off on social as well. You must try it once.


Ride Off-Road through the forest

          Perfect for a true natural healing getaway, Banana Fan Sea Resort has activities for tourists who want. You can inform the hotel if you want this Adventure activity.


Watch the sunset with delicious meals 

          At Banana Fan Sea Resort, we are ready for a special dinner arranged for you to soak up the beach atmosphere at night. Plus, there’s also a service from Kevin’s Bar for a special drink to add to the night.


Sleep well With room service for you to choose according to your needs

          As you know, D Banana Fan Sea Resort has a variety of rooms to choose from according to your needs. Let you have fun and relax every day when you come to Koh Samui with special package prices and many activities.


          Read it here Don’t waste your time touching just by reading. Beauty is still waiting for you to experience. You have to come to Koh Samui to prove it for yourself. Pack your bags and let’s go sightseeing.


“Looking for a place of happiness, looking for Banana Fan Sea Resort”


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