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Koh Samui Travel and Tour Guide 5 of the Best Night Markets

May 27, 2021
Banana Fan Sea Resort

Traveling to Thailand means enjoying acres of beautiful beaches, eating dozens of delicious dishes, and visiting the many night markets that round off the holiday experience. Night markets across Thailand feature local snacks, delicacies, fruits, handcrafted items, and an unparalleled opportunity for discount shopping.

When you take a holiday to Koh Samui, you have many options when it comes to night markets. Every one of them offers something different, and they are all worth visiting. Whether you’re on the hunt for traditional Thai food, special cultural shows, unique souvenirs, or other once-in-a-lifetime experiences, these night markets are must-visits:

1. Fisherman’s Village Walking Street

Exact location: Near Bophut Beach

Market hours: Fridays from 5 PM to 11 PM

This is arguably the most popular weekly market in Koh Samui, and it comes alive every Friday evening. Stalls are spread across various streets that sell just about everything you can think of. Stores have different types of souvenirs, jewelry, bags, shirts, herbs, handmade crafts, musical instruments, and more.

There are quieter sections dedicated to food vendors and eateries that offer all types of local delicacies and many other cuisines. There are also small bars where you can get your drink on. As you walk through the streets, you’ll also come across street performers showing off their unique talents.

2. Chaweng Night Market

Exact location: Five minutes from Chaweng Beach

Market hours: Every day from 5 PM to 11 PM

The perfect itinerary for an adventurous day in Koh Samui is to spend the day at the beach and then head straight to a night market for a seemingly endless evening of food indulgence. Chaweng Night Market is just a stone’s throw away from one of Koh Samui’s best beaches. The dozens of food stalls located here can make any foodie happy and satisfied for days. There’s a dedicated seating area in the plaza where you can sit, enjoy your delicious food, and watch the market come alive.

3. Lamai Night Plaza

Exact location: Walking distance from Lamai Beach

Market hours: Every day from 5 PM onward

Lamai Night Plaza is a miniature copy of Patpong Night Market in Bangkok. It’s a fun place to shop for knockoff goods like bags, watches, and clothes. Remember that the owners of these stalls want and expect tourists to bargain, so don’t ever settle for the first price they give! When you want to sit down and eat, there’s a food center and a pub you can visit.

4. Elephant Walk

Exact location: Walking distance from Bophut Beach

Market hours: No fixed opening or closing time

If you want to shop for quirky souvenirs and one-of-a-kind spa products, the stalls in this daily market are open at all hours of the day! When you have more shopping bags than you can carry, you can sit down for a meal in one of the popular restaurants in the area.

5. Nathon Walking Street

Exact location: Thirty minutes from Bophut Beach

Market hours: Saturdays from 5 PM to 11 PM

If you head to Nathon pier on a Saturday evening, you’ll find a number of small food carts gathered to form a busy food market serving endlessly delicious meals. If you’re on the hunt for authentic Thai street food, this place is perfect for you!


You can’t visit Thailand without doing tons of shopping, and the various night markets in Koh Samui will give you unforgettable experiences. You can spend hours on end getting lost in the narrow spaces between shopping boutiques and food stalls. It’s a fantastic local experience that shouldn’t be missed!

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