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Rekindle the Flame_ Reasons You Should Go on a Second Honeymoon

February 18, 2021
Banana Fan Sea Resort

Going on weekly date night or weekend getaways can surely bring that spark back in your romantic life; however, sparks can burn out as quickly as they ignite. So what better way than to rekindle the flame than by going on an extended trip—a second honeymoon.

Second honeymoons are often ignored by couples, thinking they’re similar to quick weekend trips out of town, but that’s not the case. Second honeymoons are for married couples who want to celebrate significant milestones in their lives, such as their wedding anniversary, retirement, or even a birthday. And if you’ve recently experienced an empty nest, this is a great way to celebrate.

Depending on what you and your partner are looking for on a trip, you’ll always want something that promotes relaxation surrounded by luxury and the abundance of nature. A great place to go to that gives you all that is Banana Fan Sea Resort in Koh Samui. Trust us—spending your second honeymoon with us is a fantastic idea.

If you need a bit of a push to get you to plan that second honeymoon, keep reading. Here are reasons you should go on a second honeymoon and rekindle the flame with your life partner.

It Reduces Your Stress

Marriages and long-term commitment can take a toll on your mind, body, and dynamic. By going on a second honeymoon, you’ll be able to let go of worries that surround your household, work, and the demands of your family and relationship. Stepping back and spending time with your partner will help bring back the energy and passion you need to help both of you move forward.

With everything that’s been happening in the world today, you and your partner may forget the tiny things that make you appreciate each other. If that’s the case, a couple’s vacation may take your love to another level.

It Deepens Your Relationship

Being in a committed relationship isn’t all about romance and marriage; in fact, one of the most critical aspects of your relationship is your friendship.

When you go on your second honeymoon, you get to reconnect with your partner and dig deeper into your relationship. Looking back at your relationship’s growth and how the two of you overcame all those obstacles will remind you of the importance of the foundation of your friendship.

Second honeymoon getaways allow you to step back, look at the bigger picture, and evaluate the progress you made as a couple.

It Boosts Your Sexual Intimacy

All you need is the right ambiance, environment, and boom! You and your partner will feel like newlyweds again with renewed sexual satisfaction.

Since you now know the language of each other’s bodies, your second honeymoon will be another level of sexual intimacy. You and your partner may become more intimate and flirty around each other, and you may even discover new things about each other even after so many years.

Staying at Banana Fan Sea Resort in Koh Samui will give you the privacy and romantic vibe you need to spice up your second honeymoon getaway. So besides getting heat from the sun, getting cozy with your partner in our luxurious rooms will definitely up the romance.

The Bottom Line: The Second Honeymoon Is a Good Way to Remember Why You Married Each Other in the First Place

One of the problems of married couples who’ve been committed to each other for years is this: they forget why they married each other in the first place. Going on a romantic second honeymoon will remind you both of how much you love each other and realize why you wanted to spend the rest of your lives together in each other’s arms.

So whether you stay in a beachfront property or spend time in an isolated forest, a second honeymoon is a great way to remind yourselves of the great love that you and your partner still have.

Why Choose Banana Fan Sea Resort in Koh Samui

Honeymoons, may it be your first or second, is important to help keep the love alive between you and your partner. And the best place to rekindle the flame is at Banana Fan Sea Resort in Koh Samui.

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