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Samui Beach Weddings: Trends and Tips in 2024

March 19, 2024
Banana Fan Sea Resort

Starting to enter the moment of love in the year 2024. This is the time when most couples start looking for a romantic wedding venue. Marriage is one of the ultimate dreams of many couples. A wedding is an important event and holds great meaning for a couple who have decided to spend a long time together. It is also an opportunity to create great magic memories for the couple by taking pictures and recording videos. It creates memories that are worth a lifetime for the couple. Therefore, choosing a wedding venue is important. Banana Fan Sea Resort, Koh Samui introduces popular wedding trends and tips for the wedding to be perfect and a celebration of love.

Minimal Wedding

A minimalist style wedding is a guideline for organizing a wedding that emphasizes simplicity, the charm of the venue, openness, and beautiful light. This style tends to focus on cleanliness and simplicity in design. For couples who select to have a minimalist wedding, the atmosphere will be simple, casual, and private.

Outdoor Wedding

Organizing an outdoor wedding is another style that everyone dreams of marriage because it creates an airy atmosphere. It also creates a friendly atmosphere between the bride, groom, and the guests attending the event. Outdoor weddings usually take place in various locations such as the sea, beachside, mountains, forests, foreign countries, beautiful flower gardens, cafes, etc. It is considered to be a highlight point that creates an impression on every couple’s wedding. Inside the wedding, there will be a completely natural atmosphere, good ventilation, and a friendly feeling.

Eco Wedding
The most important thing about an eco-friendly wedding is “That’s the place for the wedding.” A green wedding or eco wedding means having a wedding that prioritizes sustainability and reducing environmental impact at every stage of planning and execution. Organizing an eco wedding not only reduces environmental impact and supports the use of sustainable resources, but also supports the use of sustainable resources with social responsibility in the community, and global society both currently and in the future. It is considered to be the most romantic marriage and preserves the world’s resources.

Micro Wedding

A micro wedding is a small wedding arrangement. The number of guests is approximately 50 people. A new trend in wedding arrangements that emphasizes simplicity and minimalism. The atmosphere is private, simple, warm, and romantic. Micro wedding is a great choice for couples who want a friendly, fun wedding with family and close friends who are important in the bride and groom’s lives. A micro wedding can help reduce costs and plan for an efficient wedding.

Weddings have social meaning. It confirms the love and commitment of couples to be together in society. It is a declaration to everyone that they are committed to this journey together in life. A wedding is not only a ceremony that unites couples into legal ties, but it is also a connection of their love, relationship, and shared happiness in every aspect of their lives.

Samui Beach Wedding is one good choice in 2024. “Koh Samui” is a paradise in the middle of the Gulf of Thailand. It is the ultimate world-class tourist attraction that everyone is familiar with, especially Chaweng Beach. Banana Fan Sea Resort can create the wedding of your dreams for you and your sweetheart. No matter what kind of wedding you have, Banana Fan Sea Resort can do it. We would like to be a part of organizing your and your couple’s important event. Samui Beach Wedding in the most romantic atmosphere floating on the blue water. Your wedding ceremony will feature views of Chaweng Beach, the vast ocean, sweeping views, and exchanging vows on soft sand like a magic carpet. The indescribably beautiful sea view will make your dream wedding perfect.