Samui is one of the heavens of sporting tourism. - Banana Fan Sea Resort

Samui is one of the heavens of sporting tourism.

November 22, 2022
Banana Fan Sea Resort

Samui is one of the heavens of sporting tourism.

In addition to heaven island, Samui island is a sports city that hosts numerous annual events. Anyone who likes sports cannot miss this city and should make Samui their number one travel destination.



Mini golf throughout the world

One of the activities is enjoyable for the entire family and groups of friends or couples. After taking a break from the beach and the pool while on vacation in Samui, mini golf is an addictive game that has become so popular that the course has its weekly devotees.



Samui is renowned for its magnificent beaches, so anyone who enjoys surfing would anticipate being able to do so there. However, when it comes to surfing, large waves are less of a priority. Therefore there is a location to go for reliable surf fun. EasySurf, the artificial surf waves club, has arranged everything necessary for you to learn how to surf, practice, and enjoy this great activity. The annual Surf competition is also a famous event on this paradisiacal island.


Zip lines

Samui’s zip lines are an additional excellent sport option. You can admire the scenery not from a safe platform but while speeding over the jungle on an adrenaline experience that strapping wings can only top to your shoulders and fly. And you may either ascend concrete steps in the wilderness to witness more natural surroundings, the greens of palms and other trees that combine with the town before everything abruptly ends at the shore and a view of the sea and bays opens up.


Marathon Samui Run 2022

The 11 December 2022 running competition will feature both professional and amateur runners. For visitors interested in participating in the Samui running experience. At the website  you can select your distance and running type from ULTRAMARATHON (55 KM), HALF MARATHON (21 KM), MINI MARATHON (10 KM), and FUNRUN (5 KM) and obtain additional information.

There are numerous additional enticing sports and activities, as well as accommodation promotions from Banana Fan Sea Resort for every guest with the discount code  ” BFS22 ” for our special guests who like to relax and enjoy the activities in Samui. So permit us to enhance your stay at Banana Fan Sea Resort.

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