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The Reasons Why April Is Perfect for a Trip to Koh Samui, Thailand

April 25, 2023
Banana Fan Sea Resort

Koh Samui is set on Gulf of Thailand. This place is famous idyllic tropical island with beautiful beaches, clear water, Green forests, and a relaxed way of life. Koh Samui attract the all visitors from worldwide. Koh Samui is a great vacation spot any time of year. This post we will discuss the many positive reasons and aspects of visiting Koh Samui in the month of April.



April’s climate

If you want to enjoy the beach without worrying about rain, April is the best month to visit Koh Samui. The average high temperature is around 33 degrees Celsius, and the average low temperature is around 25 degrees Celsius, thus the weather is pleasant. Being outside is more comfortable because of the low humidity. Due to the pleasant water temperature, swimming and other water sports are highly recommended. Koh Samui is at its most beautiful in April. There are less people on the island and the weather is ideal.


Fewer Tourists

The island of Koh Samui is a popular vacation spot. Normally the visitors should be prepared for crowds during high season. However, the island attracts fewer visitors in April because it is in the mid of the shoulder season.  So, you can enjoy the beaches, restaurants, and other attractions without the crowds. You won’t have to fight your way through other tourists to use the beach or eat at a popular restaurant. Also good for stay quiet and peaceful atmosphere.


Water Activities and Sports

Water sports in Koh Samui is start in the month of April. Snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, and paddleboarding are all made easier by the calm sea. It is also possible to take boat trips to the nearby islands.



Outdoor Activities

The month of April is ideal for participating in any of Koh Samui’s many outdoor activities. There are beautiful forests to explore, as well as waterfalls and ancient temples. It’s also a great time to explore the island by bike or motorbike with more convenience.


Occasions and Celebrations

In April, Koh Samui has many Occasions, Celebrations and festivals that are open to the public. Songkran, commonly known as the Thai New Year, is by far the most well-known celebration. It takes place in the middle of April and features exciting water fights and tasty treats.



Accommodation with Reasonable Rates

Since April falls in Koh Samui’s shoulder season, the island’s lodging options are more affordable than usual. You can save a lot of money on lodging compared to the high season. You can stay with a better accommodation in normal price.


Fresh Seafood from Local Market

In April, Koh Samui’s famed seafood is at its peak. In order to provide you with the freshest seafood possible, the fishing season begins in March and lasts until May.


Cross-Island Travel

Koh Samui is surrounded by many other gorgeous islands, and April is the best time to see them all. Another famous islands such as Koh Tao, Koh Phangan, and Ang Thong Marine Park are just a few of the nearby islands you can explore. The weather is perfect for trip boat cruises, and you can see all of the beautiful sights along the coast.


Koh Samui is an absolutely breathtaking travel destination. Although you may go there any time of the year, April is when the weather is at its finest. The temperature is just right, there are fewer people there, and there are many festivals and events to participate in. So, if you plan a trip to Koh Samui, April is the best month to visit Koh Samui.