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The secret of Koh Samui, the beauty waiting for you found

May 22, 2022
Banana Fan Sea Resort

The secret of Koh Samui, The beauty waiting for you found


“Koh Samui” Destination for people who like to travel to the sea

          Famous for the beautiful sea There is a white sandy beach. Plus, it’s not a variety of natural attractions. There are mountains or forests to travel to. culture is unique including the delicious taste of food unique

          In addition to natural and cultural diversity, Koh Samui also has many tourist attractions or activities to choose from, such as visiting temples, cafes, restaurants, or off-road activities through the forest for you to enjoy. Therefore, it is not surprising that Koh Samui is one of the attractions in many people’s hearts.


Visit Koh Samui must come to a good place to relax

          Before going on a trip, the first thing that needs to be done is accommodation for the body to fully rest. Ready-to-go activities on Koh Samui, we Banana Fan Sea Resort is another choice for you to have fun and relax every day.

During this time, we still have a special promotion waiting for everyone with the #We Travel Together project that comes with a special price package with many activities.

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More prominent than the beautiful sea Let you enjoy the nature and uniqueness of Koh Samui. for you to experience by yourself

          From what we have said above Koh Samui encompasses a wide variety of natural attractions, culture, food, and activities for you to choose from according to your needs. Today, Banana Fan Sea Resort has selected activities and must-see attractions for you. It is another hidden beauty that is waiting for you to experience. Where will it be? Let’s see!


Coconut house

          It is very suitable for the activity line because at Baan Coconut there are workshop activities for tourists. Most of them are cooking food or desserts with the main ingredient of coconut shell. The original coconut house was a coconut wholesale business.

There are 3 parts of activities at Coconut House:

  1. Samui Museum of Life Showcases tools and utensils made from coconuts in the past and there is a section showing products made from coconut oil for sale next to it.
  2. The factory is open to tourists to see the process of processing coconuts into products at every step.
  3. The activity pavilion is used to organize workshops to make local snacks such as Kanom Kho, and Kanom Khee, which are loved by foreigners, especially children.

Fisherman Village

          The famous old town of Koh Samui. The charm of this place is that it was originally a fishing village. Currently modified to be a tourist attraction but still retains the original style of the village. Remodeling an old wooden house Make it a shop, or restaurant and decorated it with colors to make it look livelier. It is a small road flanking Bophut Beach. It will be open only on Friday nights from 5:30 PM. to 10:30 PM.


Namuang Waterfall

          Famous waterfalls on Koh Samui It is popular with both tourists and locals alike. The waterfall area is divided into 2 places, the first of which is more convenient to travel to. Can play, but the 2nd place is famous for being more spectacular than the first. Traveling is quite difficult. have to walk deep into the forest Suitable for people who like to travel, adventurous, must not miss it.


Lamai Viewpoint

          Lamai Viewpoint is on the hill, must travel up by tram. There is a Café available from the viewpoint. In addition to taking the tram up, there is also another fun activity to play with, the zipline, which challenges the nerves.


Ride Off-Road through the forest

           Here, besides going to the beach Watching the forest or going on an off-road trek through the forest is another fun and popular activity. Anyone who comes to Koh Samui must try it once. If staying at Banana Fan Sea Resort, there will be a section of this activity for you to play as well. You can inform the hotel right away.


Baitong Restaurant

          Come to visit Koh Samui You have to try southern food once in a while. For anyone who visits Samui In terms of recommended restaurants that we see as outstanding Make food that tastes unique and tastes good. Baitong Restaurant It is considered to be one of the most delicious restaurants on Koh Samui that we recommend. with a variety of southern dishes and the menu of the restaurant is guaranteed by a very experienced Chef. Ready to create a delicious menu for you in every meal


Read it here Don’t waste your time touching just by reading. The hidden beauty that is waiting for you to experience. You have to come to Koh Samui to prove it for yourself. Pack your bags and let’s go sightseeing. Banana Fan Sea Resort is another option for you to enjoy and relax every day when you come to Koh Samui with a special package price and many activities.

“Looking for a place of happiness, 

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Now, We have a Test & Go Package that We try to make things as simple as possible for you to enter Thailand via Koh Samui


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