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Top 5 Places in Koh Samui Perfect for Your Honeymoon

April 15, 2021
Banana Fan Sea Resort

Koh Samui is one of the most romantic destinations in Thailand for couples to explore. With plenty of sightseeing opportunities, it may be difficult to narrow down the spots to set into your honeymoon itinerary. Depending on where you end up staying, here are some top sites across Koh Samui that you can’t miss if you are in the area.

5 Must-Visit Spots in Koh Samui for Your Honeymoon

1. Magic Buddha Garden

The Magic Buddha Garden is located high up in the park in Pom Mountain. This attraction has many names—Secret Buddha Garden, Heaven’s Garden, and Tarnim Magic Garden. The garden is something right out of an adventure story with mystical elements. You would pass by a breathtaking jungle with a small river flowing nearby.

This destination’s main feature is the stone figures and statues found as you walk through this enchanting garden.

2. Wat Racha Thammaram (Snake Stone Temple)

The Wat Racha Thammaram, also known as the Snake Stone Temple of Koh Samui, is one place you can’t miss. Of all the temples in Koh Samui, this is a rather interesting choice for couples who want to have an inside look at Thailand’s rich culture and heritage.

The temple is a red terracotta hue with an amazingly detailed exterior. From the outside, the structure exudes a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere that feels inviting to those drawn to that energy. This temple is filled with beautiful decorative pieces and sculptures of warriors and monsters.

The golden pagoda next door is also something you can check out while you’re here. Inside is a staircase decorated with snakeheads that lead directly to the sea.

3. Overlap Stone

Are you looking for a real hidden gem on your trip? Look for the Overlap Stone in Koh Samui. Not many visitors know about this natural attraction, which stands atop a hill in Lamai Beach. It is a large oval stone that you can only access through a steep road. The amazing view is worth the trip!

4. Mu Ko Ang Thong Marine National Park

One romantic thing you must do is kayaking through the Mu Ko Ang Thong Marine National Park. You can also go snorkeling to view the colorful and mesmerizing underwater world of Koh Samui.

5.  Chaweng Beach

This beach is Koh Samui’s busiest and largest, known for the stretch of beautiful white sand—perfect for romantic strolls. There are plenty of sights near this beach as well. If you want to make your trip extra special, you can book a nice resort that overlooks this area.


There are plenty of things to do in Koh Samui for newlyweds looking for a unique getaway. There are also plenty of places to visit for couples who prefer a quiet and intimate honeymoon, along with a variety of great social activities for adventurous and free-spirited lovers with an adventurous spirit. As long as you’re with your soulmate, your experience in Koh Samui can be unforgettable.

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