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Upcoming All Event & Festival of Fun 2024 in Koh Samui

March 19, 2024
Banana Fan Sea Resort

Koh Samui is known as the “Paradise of the Gulf of Thailand”, Koh Samui is an island that attracts many who visit. Koh Samui has become a popular island. One of the tourist attractions for both Thai and foreign tourists with the beauty of the sea, fine white sand beaches, and bright turquoise waters that anyone who comes to experience and see will fall in love with Koh Samui. Koh Samui besides having clear beaches and beautiful sea, there are also many exciting activities on the island. There are many activities such as events and festivals to do and see besides just walking on the beach. When you travel to Koh Samui but do not know what to do? Banana Fan Sea Resort has put together fun events and interesting festivals for 2024 for you all. Let’s go see it!

Chinese New Year Festival on Koh Samui

Chinese New Year is a very important festival in Chinese culture and celebrations in many places around the world, including Koh Samui. The Chinese New Year Festival atmosphere in Koh Samui District, Surat Thani Province will be celebrated with liveliness. Chinese Thais and tourists often go to pay homage and pray for sacred blessings at shrines in the Koh Samui district, which is considered the beginning of a good, smooth, happy, and fulfilling life. Tourists and Samui residents often experience performances and events focused on Chinese culture. Banana Fan Sea Resort emphasizes the importance of preserving the culture of this festival because it represents the history of the nation and shows the prosperity and honor of the individual and the nation.

Koh Samui Songkran Water Color Festival

On 13-15, April every year is Thai New Year’s Day, also known as “New Year’s Day”. “Songkran Festival” is one of the famous celebrations in Thailand. Songkran Festival is also a great global event. Songkran Day on Koh Samui is never lonely. Both Thais and foreigners flock to travel on Family Day and join together in various activities such as splashing water, parade, making merit on Thai New Year’s Day, and pouring water on the heads of elders, which is a traditional ceremony, etc. Songkran Festival is filled with an atmosphere of happiness in traveling. The people smiled cheerfully. Songkran Festival in Koh Samui is one of the most exciting and fun travel experiences, especially in the Chaweng Beach area, Bo Phu Subdistrict, Koh Samui District, Surat Thani Province will be especially fun and lively. Songkran Festival is a great opportunity to make new friends and experience the local culture up close.


Wonder Pride Koh Samui  Event

A lively celebration like the “Samui Wonder Pride” event. Koh Samui promotes and welcomes tourists of all genders, ages, and ethnicities (LGBTQ+). Koh Samui places great importance on rights and freedoms, and both Thais and foreigners join in creating lively excitement. There is a parade activity where people dress up in fancy costumes to create color for the tourist attractions. Tourists from the LGBTQ+ community, both Thai and international, participated in a parade along Chaweng Beach Road near Banana Fan Sea Resort, much to the amusement of tourists.

Koh Samui Event

Koh Samui has various festivals and tourism events held annually to add fun, excitement, and an unforgettable travel experience. The event promotes the way of life, traditions, and culture to open new perspectives for tourists in Koh Samui, Surat Thani Province, to promote tourism in the area, and to welcome Thai and foreign tourists. There are many activities such as art activities, traditions, culture, tourist attractions, and sports competitions. This event is celebrated throughout the Koh Samui area. Within the event, everyone can enjoy many fun activities such as the Carnival Parade, a Traditional Merit-Making Event for Grandparents, a Beach Dinner Buffet, OTOP Community Tours, Selected Local Products, the Samui Festival Marathon and Trail, the Tour of Samui Festival Bicycle Race, Learn Thai Boxing and International Boxing, Concerts with Famous Artists, etc. Travel to your heart’s content and enjoy these many activities only on Koh Samui.

Loy Krathong Festival on Koh Samui

Loy Krathong Festival is a festival that everyone should not miss on Koh Samui! It is one of the important festivals and beautiful cultural traditions of Thailand. Thais and foreigners join in the Loy Krathong festival on Koh Samui. Any tourist who has the opportunity to participate in Loy Krathong in Koh Samui will experience a fun, warm atmosphere, liveliness, and joy within the event. Along Chaweng Beach, there are traditional Samui period costumes, including stage performances, floating Krathongs made from natural materials, the Miss Noppamas contest, etc. It is another festival that brings no less excitement to Koh Samui than any other festival or event.

Celebrate the Magic of New Year and Christmas Festival on Koh Samui

Koh Samui is an attractive island for New Year and Christmas celebrations. When December comes, every place is filled with an atmosphere of happiness and fun and is filled with festive parties, including Koh Samui. Koh Samui is famous for its many beautiful beaches, especially Chaweng Beach. Lively celebrations are also held here during the festival. Koh Samui is beautiful, with clear waters and beautiful beaches, perfect for Christmas and New Year celebrations. It is unique. There are many resorts and beachside locations decorated with colorful lights that delight everyone who sees them.

Banana Fan Sea Resort is located in Koh Samui. Everyone can stay here and conveniently stop by to participate in various festivals and events. Banana Fan Sea Resort has a Baitong Restaurant that offers delicious food and Kevin’s Bar for everyone to sit and sip drinks and chill. If you do not want to miss these great events and festivals on Koh Samui, hurry up and reserve the package at Reservation on the link to make it quick and hassle-free.

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