10 popular check-in points when visiting Koh Samui - Banana Fan Sea Resort

10 popular check-in points when visiting Koh Samui

July 13, 2022
Banana Fan Sea Resort

10 popular check-in points when visiting Koh Samui


Koh Samui beauty upgrade 2022

          Koh Samui, one of Thailand’s most beautiful seas, is known among tourists for its beautiful white-sand beaches. Parallel to the coconut palms on the beach giving you coolness. Natural diversity is another highlight of Koh Samui. In addition to the beautiful sea that allows you to relax, You can also visit waterfalls or go hiking.


More than a beautiful sea must be a landmark that should not be missed!

          In addition to natural diversity such as seas, mountains, and waterfalls, or civilizational diversity such as pagodas or temples, Koh Samui is also famous for delicious food. The cafe is beautiful as well. that must be tried once


10 check-in points, ready to be served from Banana Fan Sea Resort

          Before presenting with a total of 10 popular check-in points when visiting Koh Samui, today we Banana Fan Sea Resort has a promotion #we travel together, a special price package with many activities. The privilege is gone. You will be satisfied. Hurry up to reserve.

          If you are ready, today we have selected for you a total of 10 popular check-in points when visiting Koh Samui. Where are they? Let’s see.


👉 Kevin’s Bar

If you are looking for a beach bar with a beautiful view, drinks are served as well as delicious food. Choosing to use Kevin’s Bar is a good choice because Banana Fan Sea Resort’s Kevin’s Bar has all of the above.


👉 Baitong Restaurant 

Ready to serve for everyone to choose to eat. Suitable for a friend’s gang or very family Elevate your meal to something special with this premium promotion. Ready to serve only good things For all guests of Banana Fan Sea Resort, including a variety of rooms. Delicious food from a famous Chief


Both Kevin’s Bar and Baitong Restaurant participated in the project. #We travel together. Package. Special price. If you are slow, you will miss it. Hurry up to reserve.


👉 A.Shore Beach Bar Samui

Koh Samui cafe in the hotel is located next to the sea lovely receptionist Outsiders can access it. Outstanding menu with mango sticky rice


👉 Panya Cafe Bar and Restaurant

Quiet atmosphere, good coffee, and lots of photo angles. Whoever comes to try the fruit waffle menu


👉 The Roof 

Notable for its location must be located in the forest, with a skating rink, the owner of the shop is Korean. Recommended menu is Choux Cream. 


👉 The Mud

Clay house in Samui There is a crib in front of the room. Can lie down and look at the sea, chilling, the view is very beautiful, must come to take photos once


👉 Samui Caravans – Beach Camp สมุยคาราวาน บีชแคมป์

Chic accommodation in the style of a camper van by the sea Amid nature, quiet, suitable for relaxing. Kayaks are available for paddling.


👉 The Waterfall Farm Cafe’

Koh Samui has a chic cafe beside a very beautiful waterfall. Anyone who loves him, loves nature, must come and take photos here. The atmosphere is the great green surrounding area


👉 Cafe K.O.B

The cafe is characterized by fresh homemade bakery menus, delicious breakfasts, affordable prices, and small plants on every corner. Anyone who travels around the Bophut zone must have a meal.


👉 Café Amazon Banana Fan Sea

A variety of delicious menus for you to choose from according to your needs. You can walk to take photos by the sea just a few steps, and the interior of the shop is also decorated beautifully. Shoot at any angle


          Read it here Don’t waste your time touching just by reading. The deliciousness is still waiting for you to experience. You have to come to Koh Samui to prove it for yourself. Pack your bags and let’s go sightseeing. Banana Fan Sea Resort is another option for you to enjoy and relax every day when you come to Koh Samui with a special package price and many activities.


“Looking for a place of happiness, looking for Banana Fan Sea Resort


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