Natural detox, Changes your place for working at Banana Fan Sea Resort - Banana Fan Sea Resort

Natural detox, Changes your place for working at Banana Fan Sea Resort

April 12, 2022
Banana Fan Sea Resort

Natural detox, Changes your place for working
at Banana Fan Sea Resort



Hard work never hurt anyone. but hurts the heart to be traumatized

          We’ve been very tired from work and work in the last year. including at the end of the year when many people work hard, sleep deprivation, in order to achieve sales targets Plan the work for the next quarter for the next year. Do your own or your team’s work to increase your salary. and expect annual bonus results The trade-off was more deteriorating health. no time to relax for yourself


Heavy use of the body needs to rest to recover

          Summer in Thailand between March-May is very suitable for relaxation. Let nature or sea view therapy Some people may not be able to stop or take leave from work. Maybe adjust the plan to WFH (Work From Home) if we can’t leave the job. At least it works. See the view of the southern sea at Koh Samui beautiful, indulge in pure nature, not less. Today we’re Banana Fan Sea Resort want to recommend accommodation in Samui. that completes in one place for you If you’re ready, don’t waste your time. Notify Work From Home. Make an appointment for a trip with your regular friends. Let’s go 🗓 🎒




What kind of hotel can be used for travel, convenient to work 🏝 🖥

          Our goal for work + travel this time is Koh Samui, a land of beautiful seas, and clear water. Come to one place. Travel to the sea, forests, mountains, waterfalls, or to be a temple to worship. It’s also easy to travel.

          We’ll start with finding a hotel in Samui. Banana Fan Sea Resort is, of course, ready for this. with the location of the hotel’s complete service including rooms that meet your needs, You can choose to like your friend’s trip for sure.



Make your life happy on Koh Samui at Banana Fan Sea Resort 🏞 🍃


          Allowing you to indulge in nature privately without people disturbing you with room layouts designed for your frequent trips Have fun and relax with a beautiful sea view. There is a private pool to use, can work from home, plus relax the body. Tired from work can jump in the pool immediately.

          Or if you want to rest your eyes, you can walk along the beach for your brain to rest, clear, have energy, then go back to work again. I can tell you that it’s very satisfying. Natural detox ✨

A room designed for you and your group of friends.

          For rooms that can stay 3 – 5, Banana Fan Sea Resort has 2 types of room types :





           Villa size 160 sq m. comes with a sea view. and a private pool There are complete facilities. There is a shared accommodation separated from the bedroom. Very suitable if you come with a group of friends. work conveniently Party at night to the fullest.





          If you want to experience a bit of green nature Not having a private pool, must be in this room at all. Comes with a rooftop for you to go up to receive natural air. Ready to take beautiful photos The angle stands out from the others as well. complete facilities You can fully enjoy coming to Work From Home in Koh Samui this time.




Complete all needs at Banana Fan Sea Resort

In addition to beautiful rooms and good value, Banana Fan Sea Resort also has a bar service.


Kevin’s Bar 

          This bar is located on a white-sand beach next to the sea. Indulge in signature drinks that are only available at Kevin’s Bar, including Happy Hour, daily special moments waiting for you to experience for yourself.



Don’t let hard work overload you. Come and relax and let nature heal you from tiredness.

“ Looking for a place of happiness, looking for Banana Fan Sea Resort ”



Now, We have a Test & Go Package that We try to make things as simple as possible for you to enter Thailand via Koh Samui


☀️ WHAT YOU GET  ☀️ 

✅ Accommodation includes breakfast or with Half-Board Package (Lunch or Dinner)
✅ One -Way airport picks up transfer from Samui International Airport to the hotel (Maximum 2 persons)
✅ Minimum stay of 5 consecutive nights will get a 5% discount.
✅ 15% discounts for Food or Beverage (Non-Alcohol)
✅ Early Check-in & Late Check-out is subject to space availability.
✅ High – Speed Internet access (Wi-Fi) in room

Booking Period: 01 – 31 Mar 2022
Stay Period: 01 Mar – 30 Jun 2022

for more information :

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☎️ Tel: 077413483-6
📬 Email: [email protected]


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